Where have we been?!


Just over a year ago, I wrote my last blog post…


Where have I been?

Some of you may know that this past year has been pretty crazy and bittersweet. And I am here to share a bit of the story.

In July 2016, we found out we were pregnant with baby #3 and were over the moon. After two miscarriages and lots of prayers, another precious miracle was on the way. But our excitement and delight was cut short, when my morning sickness kicked in at full throttle at 6 weeks.

Unfortunately, the usual morning sickness soon became Hyperemesis Gravidarum (more commonly known as the sickness that Princess Kate suffers during her pregnancies). I was man-down and bed-ridden with HG from week 6 until week 24 of my pregnancy and then I could slowly start to eat and get up, until mild bed rest at the end, pre-term labour at 34 weeks and then an early birth at 36 weeks. You can read more of my HG story here and our birth story here.

And since then, it’s been all about our third baby girl… Zoe Belle.

It’s no easy task having to temporarily close your business only eight months after launching because you are unable to get out of bed, lose valued clients and try your best not to let people down. But it was the best (and only) decision for me and my family.

We are very happy to let you know that LuluPop is now back in business, with just a few party slots per month (to accommodate for being the best work-from-home-mom I can be too). And we thank all our loyal clients for being so patient, so supportive and so understanding during this difficult time.

Have a happy week!


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