Back to School

In South Africa, it is hard for us to believe that so many Northern hemisphere school children are currently enjoying their long, Summer holiday break and will soon be getting prepared for their new school year. The OCD in me is very grateful for a January school start along with the start of a new year and new calendar…

I had a little fun at the beginning of our school year with designing and planning little gifts for my girls class friends. EN started at a new play school this year and made a whole group of new friends and SJ moved up into a bigger class with a new group of children too. Gifts for new class friends is a great way to start the year and break the ice with other parents too.

We had lots of fun looking for some cute play-on-word ideas…

– I am BUBBLING with excitement to be in your class this year –

– I am BEARY lucky to be in your class –

Do you give class friend gifts at the beginning of the year?




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